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Perpetua Energy was established in 2018, primarily as a fuel distributor in Spain and Africa.

Since its inception, Perpetua Energy became an energy group and has expanded and diversified its activities to become an important energy partner, not only in petroleum sales, its core business, but also in other diversified activities such as logistics, distribution and retail. Its clients include a select group of energy traders, producers, refiners and sovereign oil companies.

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What we do & how we do it

The company now operates in many geographies: Europe, West and North Africa.

Trading in petroleum products is Perpetua Energy’s main line of business, providing stable revenue and cash flows, enabling the company to invest in the growth and development of other activities.

Today, Perpetua Energy is connecting different energies and activities: trading, logistics & transport and retail, with the goal to be present everywhere across the value chain.

The company is expecting significant growth in 2023 with the launch of new activities on the marketsuch as bunkering, LNG supply and the development of energy infrastructure projects.


Our current investments include a diversified set of sectors including entrainment, luxury products, healthcare, Agri-tech, energy, renewable energy and commodities trading.

While we have offices located in Luxembourg, Dubai and Paris, our investments are not restricted by our physical presence. Our portfolio is distributed across the Middle East, Europe, North America and Africa.

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