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The Group is driven by the needs of its varied
customers around the world and the desire to fuel
their journeys.
The Group blends physical oil to regional, market
and customer specification in strategically
located terminals and warehouses around the
world. It operates efficient, safe, and high-quality


Perpetua Investment Group’s flexible investment approach is ideally positioned to respond to ongoing changes in the industries where we operate and caters to the evolving needs of our clients and partners. Our in-house team possesses a rare combination of financial expertise and entrepreneurial spirit that helps us achieve this.


The Group moves oil by barge, truck, and vessel in support of its core trading activities. To make things simple for its customers, the Group segments its businesses into three distinct, but integrated, divisions:
• International Trading
• Commercial & Retail
• Logistics & Distribution

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Our marketing and trading teams closely track price differentials between gradeswith the aim to find the best optimization.

Thanks to their expertise and network, our teams are sourcing petroleum productsfrom different geographies across Africa and using strategically located storage facilities. We supply high volumes to various customers including national oil companies, supermarkets, retail groups, resellers, direct consumers, airports or airfields.

This strategy ensures profitable, coherent and efficient operations. Our traders are also responsible for monitoring and anticipating future variations. Our ability to master all these parameters allows us to offer the best spot price and deals.



We import and distribute petroleum products in countries with a downstream network to customers such as resellers, logistics companies and government entities.


The group, through its factories in Morocco and Mauritania, manufactures and installs mobile petrol stations. Compact, robust, and easily movable, these stations are a turnkey solution to common distribution and routing problems on the African market.

Built in line with EU standards, they are very cost efficient, easy to set-up and are therefore reducing the barriers inherent to the conventional petrol station deployment. From the elimination of administrative constraints, to the reduction of civil engineering works, our Scorpion Tank mobile station is deployed quickly and requires little maintenance.


Our retail business, Scorpion Oil, has an established portfolio of fuel service stations and the intention is to keep investing and developing these assets.
We provide high-quality retail experience at in each of our stations, with a commitment to excellent customer service and other value-added services including retail and F&B experience.

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A recent EU decree issued in 2010 and enforced from 2020 onwards, prohibits petrol stations to be located less than 13 meters from any building, which is creating significant challenges for most of the European agglomerations. This is why our group has developed a service to respond to a daily constraint of millions of European motorists as well as reducing our environmental footprint.

Deliver Oil offers to individuals (BtoC), companies (BtoB) and administrations (firefighters, police, government etc.) an oil supply service from a simple mobile application. Supply contracts for companies.

Our model is based on the Uber procurement process, in terms of users experience and logistics management & planning. With this application, is creating many direct and indirect jobs throughout the fuel distribution chain (from the equipment of the truck to the delivery to the final customer).



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